Decubitus risicoanalyse

prevents decubitus, measures and assists

Smart Mattress Company

Within the Smart Mattress Company BV different areas of expertise come together. We work with partners sharing the same goal: the best care for people at risk of developing pressure ulcers, suffering or healing from them. From the underlying assumption that this should be possible within a healthcare market subjected to many changes, Smart Mattress Company BV arose. We are convinced that it is possible to meet the growing demand for care, convinced even when budgets are shrinking.
Smart Mattress Company has developed innovative AD mattresses. With this ‘smart’ mattress we prove that you as a patient, organisation or caregiver can find the balance between the best care and optimal cost.


What makes Smart Mattress Company BV distinctive?


Eliminate all pressure ulcers, starting in the Netherlands.
At Smart Mattress Company, we are convinced that the number of pressure ulcers can be further reduced.
We distinguish ourselves by thinking beyond supplying the product alone. Through allowing the use of appropriate materials, innovative solutions and objective monitoring of the treatment plan and by offering support to the client’s caregivers. Through innovation, we create value for our customers and their clients. Smart Mattress Company BV’s mission is achieved by providing institutions with Smart Mattress’ AD mattress. Comfort and quality of life are improved and productivity or labour savings in health care are optimised.


We look forward to a partnership with our customers. We can continuously innovate our products by
cooperating with health care organisations, such as care institutions, nursing homes, hospitals and home care organisations.