Decubitus risicoanalyse

prevents decubitus, measures and assists

For Practitioners

Despite more insight into the development of pressure sores, improved techniques and treatment methods, decubitus still occurs. It is your job as a practitioner to create the right treatment plan for your clients. In consultation with caregivers, the care treatment plan is established. Smart Mattress’ AD mattress can be a valuable contribution to this plan.


Smart Mattress’ AD mattress can be used as both preventive and curative measures against pressure ulcers. Because Smart Mattress’ AD mattress collects data and presents it in clear reports as a practitioner you’ll be able to monitor whether the prescribed treatment is being performed. Smart Mattress’ AD mattress is equipped with inflatable wedges. These assist the caregiver in carrying out the client’s daily care and position change. Also, the mattress supports the position of the client. This way, the mattress contributes to an optimal care for the client.

Objective data

Smart Mattress’ AD mattress built-in weight tracking function makes it possible to perform a good weight monitoring. The mattress provides practitioners and managers with objective data. This helps them to effectively organise the deployment of personnel and resources.
For you as a practitioner, it is easy to check whether care is provided as prescribed in the treatment plan.

Features of the mattress:

• The integrated wedges make it possible for 1 person to perform changing of client’s position and care
• The air cells in the mattress are individually adjustable
• Sensors detect when a client threatens to step out of bed or has a restless sleep pattern
• Failure to act upon the practitioner’s treatment will be registered by the mattress automatically
• Data about the beds can, if approved, be used for research on pressure ulcer prevention and healing of pressure ulcers

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