Decubitus risicoanalyse

prevents decubitus, measures and assists


Transition in health care calls for innovative solutions. Smart Mattress can help. You committed to provide the best possible care to your clients. Smart Mattress’ AD mattress gives you, the manager, data to refocus the logistics of your organisation. This way more effective care can be provided by your staff.
Smart Mattress’ AD mattress provides solutions for central management, department management and purchasing department:


The right person at the right time in the right place. To run a healthy organisation it is important to fully utilise your staff’s available knowledge and expertise and to deploy them in an efficient working method. The merging of digital tools is a positive impulse for many organisations. More and more organisations use these resources so that different processes are better equipped and easier to monitor.

Smart Mattress Company has a product that fits within this vision. The ‘smart’ AD mattress. Smart because of the sensors in the mattress which facilitates a more focused care. Smart Mattress’ AD mattress generates data, allowing the monitoring of the implementation of the care-treatment objectively. Your organisation will grow more efficient. Through close cooperation between your institution and Smart Mattress, the intelligent AD mattress integrates successfully at different levels within your organisation.
• Smart Mattress’ AD mattress helps in maintaining and improving the quality of care provided. Clear reporting makes it possible to monitor the care plan’s progress. Smart Mattress’ AD mattress makes it possible to provide objective data on the quality you provide.
• Smart Mattress’ AD mattress supports nursing and care staff both physically and administratively.
• Decubitus and fall incidents are prevented by the preventive effect of the Smart Mattress’ AD mattress.
• A higher quality of care will get clients to recover faster or will even prevent pressure ulcers.
• The benefits of Smart Mattress’ AD mattress clearly recover the investment.

Purchasing department

For the purchasing department, it is important to have good insight into what medical tools can do for your organisation. The choice between buying and leasing is an important factor. Both buying and leasing is possible with Smart Mattress. When buying, you’ll experience a very attractive payback period. Through practical experience we know that the payback period of a mattress varies between two and three years while the expected technical lifetime of the mattress is eight to ten years. Of course, whether you buy or lease the mattress, it comes with an excellent 24/7 service and maintenance contract.

We are able to remotely read a service or maintenance request, allowing us to respond adequately to your questions.
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