Decubitus risicoanalyse

prevents decubitus, measures and assists

For Patients

For (family of) patients or caregivers

Whether at home, in hospital or in a nursing home, it is important that you get the care you may need. A Smart Mattress AD mattress may include a positive contribution.

Custom made care

Due to shrinking budgets in healthcare, capacity problems occur. Because of this, sometimes there is not enough staff available to provide the care that you actually need. Especially when you are confined to bed, it is very important that you get your care at the right times. If this does not happen, there is a chance that you develop sores or that you decide to get out of bed without being accompanied, which in your situation is not a wise thing to do. A bed sore or fracture due to a fall can be prevented with the AD mattress.

Smart solutions

Using the clever features of Smart Mattress’ AD mattress, the people around you can respond appropriately when you need care. For example, if your sleep position needs to be changed or if you tend to wander at night. Reacting too late or acting carelessly can have serious consequences for your physical condition.

Preventing a bed sore or fracture is more important than curing. Smart Mattress has developed appropriate solutions. Smart Mattress’ AD mattress can be set up extremely precisely, for reducing the pressure. This will bring you minimal risk of bedsores and maximum comfort experience. The sensors in the mattress give a signal at nightly unrest and the threat of getting out of bed. A fall incident can be avoided. It is also possible to measure whether the care, as described in your care-treatment state, is provided.

Smart Mattress’ AD mattress sets itself apart by the following features:

  • Sensors restless sleep or the tendency to get out of your bed. The mattress sends a signal to your family or caregiver, so they can be with you in time before a fall incident occurs
  • Wedges support you in the daily care and keep you in the correct position during the change of your position in bed
  • Extremely precise adjustment of the air cells allows you maximum comfort experience
  • The sensors monitor the provision of agreed healthcare


Due to budget cuts it is possible that the time devoted to you diminishes and you no longer get the attention and care that you were previously accustomed to receiving. Using Smart Mattress’ AD mattress, the care can be given more efficiently, allowing more time for you as a person.
Important data are automatically stored by the software and incorporated into the mattress. The clinician can easily read the data and adjust the necessary care. This ensures the quality of care.

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