Decubitus risicoanalyse

prevents decubitus, measures and assists

Decubitus risicoanalyse

Pressure ulcers are caused by repeated or prolonged exposure of the body to pressure and shear forces. A good analysis of the overall physical condition of a client is crucial. Smart Mattress Company has a free decubitus risk analysis application that allows you to establish whether your client has an increased risk of quickly developing or worsen the emergence of a bed sore.

Use of this application is free and easy. You fill in the test score on the basis after observing the client. For the results, enter the following information:
– Name of institution
– Your job
– Your e-mail address
You will receive an e-mail with the results sent to your e-mail address in a .pdf file. You can print this file directly and put it in your client’s medical file.

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So we can continue to work towards a better pressure ulcer risk analysis. Everyone benefits.