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Clinical evidence

Pressure Ulcer

What is Pressure Ulcer?? Pressure ulcer is another word for bed sore. Pressure ulcers are caused by pressure and shearing on the body while lying down or sitting. Pressure ulcers can occur at any age. The risk in people with impaired physical condition is significantly higher. Pressure ulcers are caused by long bed rest without changing the lying or sitting position. The pressure ulcer is often due to a hard mattress or a mattress on which body weight is not distributed properly. Compressive forces By pressing the blood vessels and surrounding tissue against the skin, the necessary oxygen and nutrients cannot reach the tissue. This allows cells to die as a result, the pressure ulcer is created. Shear: In addition to compressive forces, shear forces can also exert a negative influence upon the blood circulation in the tissue. Blood vessels stretch or bend, so less blood and oxygen are transported and skin cells...

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