Decubitus risicoanalyse

prevents decubitus, measures and assists

AD Mattress

Smart Mattress AD mattress is an AD air exchange mattress with additional features, which makes this AD mattress versatile within your care treatment. This allows you to provide better care, because you’ll have more time to take care of the client, there are fewer costs for the organisation and faster healing of the client is being promoted. Smart Mattress AD matrress can be used in preventive care and curative treatment.

Smart Mattress’ AD mattress

The AD mattress can be used for preventive care and curative treatment.
See below for the advantages the mattress offers you:



Features Smart Mattress

1. Silent pump (<27 db)

  • The pump is integrated into the AD mattress, thus the sound is reduced
  • No hoses to the outside, therefore it is more hygienic
  • Pump can be operated by supplied smart handheld

2. Smart handheld

  • Easy to set up and read
  • Separate menu structure for caregivers

3. Connection internal reporting

  • The AD mattress can be connected to your existing general reporting system (other innovative solutions are also possible)
  • Caregiver receives direct signal in case of incidents

4. Each cell and region is individually adjustable

  • Adjustable by the sensors and easy to operate by the smart handheld
  • The user-defined cells provide optimal pressure distribution for each client
  • Alternation of the air cells from one minute

5. Wedges

The wedges are adjustable by the handheld.

  • 1. By using the wedges caregivers are supported in position changing the client, which makes it possible for just 1 caregiver to change clients positions
  • 2. The wedges support the caregiver during daily care, which makes it possible for just 1 caregiver to care for high-care clients
  • 3. Cradle function promotes sleep for elderly people with dementia who have risk of wandering. This function is to be included in the care-treatment plan

6. Sensors

Each sensor can be read out by means of supplied software application, these data are objective

  • Exit Detection, signalling goes out to caregiver
  • Motion is registered, the “repositioning” scheme can be adjusted with sufficient exercise
  • Weight tracking function
  • Scientific research

Because the information from the sensors of the AD mattress is objective, it can very well be useful for a quality control system. Information may be used anonymously for scientific research. In collaboration with the University of Maastricht (UVM) national research is carried out about the prevention of pressure ulcers.

7. Hygienic cover using Polyurethane

The cover is elastic lengthways, with a great tensile strength and width. The cover is bacteria-proof, flame retardant and washable up to 95 degrees with conventional non-corrosive disinfectants.

8. The anti-decubitus mattress is produced and assembled in the Netherlands.

Years of experience in the healthcare market, craftsmanship and innovation from the Brainport of the world.